Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to work around the access denied cross-domain frame issue in ASP.NET Ajax 1.0

Some users have run into an issue when hosting ASP.NET Ajax applications in a frame or iframe that's in a different domain from the top-level window. If you try to do that and browse to the page using IE, you'll receive an "access denied" error client-side any time a DOM event is raised in the frame.
The code that's responsible for that is Sys.UI.getLocation. This is a tricky piece of code that determines the pixel coordinates of a DOM element relative to the top-left corner of the page, so that an absolutely positioned child of the body using these coordinates would exactly cover the element you measured. This is useful for drag & drop, popup scenarios like auto-complete and when an event is raised to get mouse coordinates relative to the event source.
How to fix ? 
Copy and paste the below code to bottom of page and enjoy cross domain scripting.

<script type= "text/javascript">

Sys.UI.DomElement.getLocation=function(a){if(a.self||a.nodeType===9)return new Sys.UI.Point(0,0);var b=a.getBoundingClientRect();if(!b)return new Sys.UI.Point(0,0);var c=a.document.documentElement,d=b.left-2+c.scrollLeft,;try{var g=a.ownerDocument.parentWindow.frameElement||null;if(g){var f=2-(g.frameBorder||1)*2;d+=f;e+=f}}catch(h){}return new Sys.UI.Point(d,e)};

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